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Ulu Temburong National Park

Without a doubt, the crown jewel of Brunei’s green landscapes. You will only have truly visited Brunei if you have checked in at least once at this renowned national park. Located at the easternmost part of Brunei in the Temburong district, this sprawling 50,000-hectare expanse of undisturbed rainforests stretches over a majority of the southern district, and is considered one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Home to a wide range of lowland and mountain forests housing many unique species, this is also a realm belonging to Borneo’s longhouse communities and their ancient culture. Here, there are many experiences to savour – from watching gibbons forage along the river at daybreak to listening to the quiet, soothing sounds of the rainforest at dusk – this eye-to-eye encounter with nature is sure to stay with you long even after you’ve rekindled with civilization. For booking enquiries, visit here for a comprehensive list of tours.