27junAll DayExploring Brunei: A GIS Journey Through TourismThe Space, Brunei Innovation Lab (BIL)TypeTechnology & Innovation

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Discover the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) in unlocking the potential of Brunei’s tourism industry. This workshop invites participants to delve into the world of GIS technology and its application in promoting and enhancing the tourism experience in Brunei. From mapping cultural landmarks to analyzing visitor trends, GIS offers valuable insights that can shape strategic decisions and attract visitors to Brunei’s unique destinations. For this workshop, we will focus on the use of application creation and how it can differ from other applications that are currently in the market. By further harnessing geospatial technology, the tourism sector in Brunei Darussalam can experience a revitalization, offering enhanced exploration and experiences for visitors.

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The Space, Brunei Innovation Lab (BIL)